January Beauty Haul 2015

Product focus- JimmBENNY & JOSERISTINE

Buy it again? yes!!

As I am always on the hunt to find new beauty related product (of course always as natural as possible) living in Hong Kong does have its restrictions. But this new shop opened recently so I thought I should try out a few products. Below are a few I picked out.

Bath salts: winter is still here so I thought I would try some great natural bath salts.

1-bergamot and peppermint (stress/digestion)

2-grapefruit (for slimming/enzymes)

3-sandalwood (anti-septic/anti-spasmodic)

4- chocolate (rich in minerals) / who doesn’t want to bathe in chocolate?! Becareful not to eat it! Smells yum!

Grapefruit sugar scrub. (Very thick consistency) Fantastic for the summer and winter. Can be used as a dry or wet scrub. Good for preventing dry skin and ingrown hair with the added natural enzymes.

Hi-quality toner filled with Calamine to help irritated skin. Soothe oily skin and breakouts plus mattify. (Will update again once it finishes to give a review)

This hydrating face mist (comes at a very reasonable price compared to other brands) filled with white orchid water can be used after washing your face and also after the use of makeup to set it.

Hand mask – with the weather/cleaning and washing of hands, hands get dry and neglected. These gloves are recommend to wear for at least 10 minutes (though can leave on for an hour or more) filled with lots of moisturising elements. Fantastic find! (Great for the nails too!)

Relax with a face mask. There are so many out there one can get so confused this rose and ginkgo mask comes in a pack and is soft and hydrating to the skin.

Take the day off with these deep cleansing face pads, one side is a little rough which works well into the skin.

Anti – acne cream- only a little is needed to fight those unwanted spots. Filled with tea tree and witch hazel oils.

HAIR- tea tree shampoo. Not only for dandruff and itching but it’s a healthier deep clean for the scalp. Smells super strong. – filled with tea tree-mint-dandelion- ginseng- ginkgo biloba 

Ever heard of horse oil? Well donkey and horse oil has been around for years and it’s becoming popular again. Very soft and conditioning for the hair. Leave on longer for a hair mask. Will help banish that frizzy and dry hair.

For the men out there! This is simple and easy to use to help combat troubled skin! Nice cash wash only a pea size amount is needed. – filled with eucalyptus- grapefruit extract  and aloe leaf.

That’s all friends.


Coconutandwhat 🌴🌰🌴


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  1. Arielle says:

    Love your post! I never heard about these brands, do they only sell in Hong Kong?


    1. Hi Arielle. Thanks for much for reading. At the moment they only have stores in Asia but I have found people also selling them on eBay. I will try to post more products available globally. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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