Personal lasanga recipe!! (Gluten,dairy,egg free) (Contains nuts)

Ingredients: (2 people)

  • 1 medium sized red onion- diced.
  • Garlic gloves -diced. (Preferred QTY to taste)
  • TVP
  • Chopped tinned tomatoes + tomato paste.
  • Fresh herbs (basil)
  • Pepper. Salt. Turmeric.
White sauce:
  • (Pine nuts. Almond milk. Nutritional yeast. Salt. Pepper. Pinch of curry powder. Macadamia nuts.)
  • Gluten free egg free lasagna sheets.
After rehydrating TVP. Strain and cut. Add diced ingredients with light olive oil till brown. Add tomatoes. Herbs. TVP. Simmer for 10 minutes on hob.
Mix white sauce ingredients in the blender till smooth (Better if done ahead of time + stored in the fridge)
Spoon meat sauce into baking dish. Layer on lasagna sheets. Add white sauce.- continue repeating the 3 layers till dish is full.
Option – layer on top dairy free cheese.
Transfer dish to oven 200•degrees for 30 minutes.

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