нerвѕ and ѕpιceѕ ғor cooĸιng 

I’m sure everyone out there uses some sort of herbs, spices, seasoning for food.

I always put in loads of healthy herbs and spices into cooked or raw food to make sure my food is delicious and nutritious.

Make sure you include fresh or dried herbs in home cooking because takeout food has nothing good in it!! 

They are inexpensive and easily found.  

Here are my TOP herbs and spices to use in cooking. Sweet and savoury!

  1. Black peppercorns (rich in vitamins C, K, potassium, iron, manganese)
  2. Bragg – sea kelp (Contains 24 herbs this super healthy low sodium spices is a hole in one, main ingredient-kelp-rich in vitamin ABCDEK)
  3. Cumin seed (high in vitamins- iron, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, B1, phosphorus)
  4. Curry powder- mix of turmeric, coriander, cardamom, basil, cumin, fennel (healing anti-inflammatory properties, boosts immune system, great for the brain)
  5. Himalayan pink salt (regulates water in body, promotes PH balance, helps blood sugar, reduce signs of ageing, helps muscle cramps)
  6. Cayenne & paprika (anti viral/bacterial,allergen, detox helps digestion, weight loss,helps blood clots) (high vitamin c and carotenids regulate blood pressure, normalising acid in stomach, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory) 
  7. Nutmeg & cinnamon (aids sleep, rich in calcium, magnesium,iron, memory boosting, antiseptic, helps digestion) (helps lower blood sugar, diabetes protection, brain boosting)
  8. Bay leaf (vitamin c, folic acid, B vitamins for nerve function, iron- red blood cell production, help bronchitis, arthritis)
  9. Coconut sugar/stevia (vitamin c, Zinc, iron, calcium, low GI impact) (100% natural, no spikes in blood sugar can be added into anything)

If you need some specific recipes using these herbs just let me know




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