When I find a book I like or relates to me I can read, i like to reccomend them to others who may be suffering with mind or body illnes. By the way it is not so easy to share your personal library ……

  • Understanding IBS
  • THANK YOU – liggy Webb
  • Guy and psychology syndrome
  • How to be happy-liggy webb (highly reccomend)
  • The insulin resistance factor -Haynes
  • Mindfulness on the go – Padraig O’morain
  • Walking the tiger- Levine 
  • Control stress- Paul McKenna
  • Natural solutions to PCOS-Marilyn Glenville 
  • First aid manual (for general everything) 
  • You are what you eat – Gillian Mckeith (I was not going to include this one but there are great nutriton tips in here too) 

As always my collection keeps expanding with more books and subject related magazines.

That’s all friends 

Coconutandwhat 🌴🌰🌴


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