~A much needed spa day ~

We all need some TLC pampering From time to time and I find that going to the spa a nice treat.

In Hong Kong having massages weekly is not rare, that’s why it’s so readily available everywhere and the places stay open till 2-3am or are open 24hours!! So no matter what time you work you will get a chance for some TLC.

Treatments I took at the spa 

(The room was beautiful, very girly inviting and most importantly clean!)

  • 1hr body massage
  • 45 minute seaweed mask body wrap
  • 20 minute grapefruit body scrub
  • 45 minute clarifying facial (Sothys Paris products) 
  • Followed by a steam shower



  • Relaxes your body and mind
  • Massages flush toxins
  • Promotes circulation and blood flow
  • Seaweed wrap-during sweating process, impurities are eliminated, removes dead skin, moisturizes, it’s full of proteins,vitamins, and lipids. Rebuilds skin elasticity -helping stretch marks and slimming, shapes excess skin.
  • Grapefruit scrub- anti-oxidant, antiseptic, fights free radicals, super fruit, rich in vitamins, restores skin tone (great for oily and blemished skin too)




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  1. Sounds like a complete day of bliss

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