As I mentioned in my previous hair post about his update…. Well here it is.

My friend very kindly botoxed my hair for me. Are you thinking… Botox for hair? What? Well I didn’t understand it either.

Its basically a step further and better than the Brazillian blowout. I have blowout my hair 4 times in the salon and had Japanese straightening 6-7 times. (Which is terrible and ruined my hair!!) so I’ll stick to the Brazillian Botox / blowouts (less chemicals, quicker, with better grow out)


Products used: Masks and deep shampoo and conditioning were done too.

  • Elegance Mask-keratin, Argan oil, collagen.
  • Letto- Violet shampoo (for blonde,grey,silver hair) – leave in hair for 15-30 minutes. You may be left with a light lavender colour in your hair for the next 2 days (till you wash it again then the light colour will boost through after)
  • Blondiss- shampoo
  • Lowell effects – keratin hair serum (used after treatments)
  • 2 Chic- Keraton hair protection spray (used after treatments)


Recommended to repeat this whole process every 3 months, but deep condition hair once a week.  Im telling you smells HORRIBLE so bring a mask or towel for your eyes and mouth

Let me know if you have any questions 



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    Wow is this new u did recently !?

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