Healthy reunion dinner 

Recently I met up with some lovely ladies I hadn’t seen in a while and as all of us like to / have to eat healthily we ended up at a healthy restaurant called – life cafe Hong Kong. 


I ended up taking some photos so I could share them with you. Hope you can enjoy them and maybe recreate these recipes for yourself……..


  1. Basil pesto vegetable tower-capsicums, eggplants, courgette, vegetarian basil sundried tomato   Sauce
  2. Mushroom pizza-assorted mushrooms and black truffle and arugula
  3. Vegetable pizza-Vegan gluten free with tomatoes and basil pesto
  4. Veggie hummus with dehydrated flax and linseed crackers
  5. Beetroot hummus – with pita bread
  6. Vegan gluten free burger-with sweet potato, red rice patty, side salad, tofunaise sauce

That’s all friends 

Coconutandwhat 🌴🌰🌴


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