CAMU CAMU is a relatively new superfood / super fruit available to the western world, its name is so fun to say! Anyway keep reading for details


  • Found in Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia (like many of the superfoods!)
  • Its raw, vegan, gluten free, GMO free
  • Leaves and fruit are used as medicine in South America
  • The Camu Camu fruit is about the size of a grape
  • Can be taken in a capsule form or a power form
  • Mix it into your daily smoothie
  • Make a fruity Vinaigrette
  • Make into healthy ice lollies
  • In South America you can find it as an ice cream flavour (YUM!!)


  • Vitamin C (60 times more than an orange) (great for colds!)
  • Amino Acids (Valine & Leucine)
  • Beta-carotene (helps menopause, cataracts)
  • High Potassium
  • Flavonoids (antioxidant)
  • Gallic Acid & Ellagic Acid (anti-fungal/antioxidant)
  • Great for inflammation
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Energising & Mood lifting (fights depression)
  • Repairs muscles
  • Fights Cancer
  • Great for viral infections


*Caution: if you are receiving any chemo – do talk to your doctor first regarding consuming this fruit as it may interact

*I order mine online from

Thats all friends

Coconutandwhat 🌴🌰🌴


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