How long do different makeup products last??? 

We all try to use up all of our makeup yet sometimes we keep it so long after its expiry date. By doing this the skin can be affected and can cause racial redness, allergies, acne, and itching- especially to your tender eye area.

See below a list of how long makeup lasts. I do change my eye makeup and lipsticks quite often because the texture and smell changes but I am guilty of keeping others products longer —-


Mascara- 4 months. Try to avoid pumping the wand (which adds more air to dry it out faster) use a twisting motion instead.

Eyeliner- auto eyeliners should be changed every 4 months. If it’s the sharpening type- 3 years

Lipliner & Lipstick-2-3 years. Depending on the quality and how much you use it.

Lipgloss- 18-20 months. But if it smells bad. Chuck it out.

Gel eyeliners – 2 months. What!! It a lot of money for good quality gel liners but I doubt you can use a whole pot so fast. It’s said the pot actually traps lots of bacteria. I normally keep mine longer, and every month or so I leave the closed pot In a mug of boiling water to refresh and hopefully kill the bacteria.

Foundation – Waterbased-12 months & Oil based – 18 months. So make sure to switch out both your summer and winter colours.

Bronzers/blushes – 1-2 years 

BB cream- 18 months 

Concealer – 12 months. Remember not to pump air into it. 

Eye shadows – 3 years 

Powders –  2 years

Nail polishes – 1-2 years 

Sponges – wash after each use and discard every month / every 2 weeks. Depending on how much you use it. Store in a container too. 
Tip: clean your brushes at least once a week (talked about on the previous post)

Also, clean around and on your makeup container with disinfecting wipes.


Hope you learned something

That’s all friends 




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