Healing with fermented foods and drinks feat. Green Vitamin 

Heyyy Friends,

Isn’t everyone wishing they had great health on the inside and outside? Well as you know it all starts with what you put in your body, meaning your skin, tongue, hair, nails or even mood for example are all mirrored by what you are consuming.

I was kindly given a great tester of health boosting drinks and foods, they are delicious and full of great nutrients to help with your wellbeing. I’m taking about plant based fermented foods meaning those will dairy allergies/intolerances/staying away from dairy these are the products for you!
As humans are made up of more bacteria cultures than human cells it’s so important we make sure our good bacteria levels are in check. These sorts of fermented products are important for our immune system along with our external beauty. It’s especially important to regularly consume if you are taking any sort of antibiotics, have any sort of fungal infection or chronic digestive issues too. By the way Kombucha is a great replacement for any fizzy drinks!


Everyone knows I love tea and I drink it daily, since drinking tea hot or cold I feel ‘touch wood’ that my health is not as bad as it was. I was very keen to try this product. – ORGANIC ROOIBOS TEA KOMBUCHA WITH ORGANIC GOLDEN BERRIES. It’s delectable, slight sweet and very moorish. Rooibos (pronounced roy-bos) are very mineral dense, high in antioxidants and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) it can help settle your stomach, improves blood circulation, improve insomnia or even headaches.  Golden Berries are anti-inflammatory,  powerful antioxidants (withanolides), helps with detoxing your liver and kidneys, diabetes management, boosts immune system and more!

Putting it together with kombucha is just fantastic! Kombucha is made my fermenting sweetened tea with bacteria and yeast that ends up as a carbonated drink filled with probiotics, vitamins, enzymes and acids. It will also increase your energy, mood, immune system and joint health. 



Dairy free yogurts are very hard to come by in regular Hong Kong supermarket, so when I got introduced to this dairy and soy free alternative I was intrigued and finally know there is a super healthy and dainty treat I can now enjoy whilst living here. – ORGANIC RAW STRAWBERRY COCONUT YOGURT

Eating yogurt is very good for us, again it contains probiotics and healing cultures in both dairy and non-dairy forms, it’s a fermented product which makes sure bacteria levels are in check. They come in a variety of flavours too, it’s a smooth and creamy treat that you can incorporate in your daily lifestyle.

Don’t stop there by eating right out of the pot, add it to your cereal, smoothies, make some lollipops out of it and the list goes on. Do note that not all  yogurt are the same and some contain more sugar than they should which outweighs the purpose of it, check the labels and make sure you are consuming low sugar organic products to reap the full benefits.



Kefir is a hearty fermented drink made from kefir grains (Gluten and Dairy free), which can only do good for your system. It’s  packed with probiotics (which will keep your body at the correct PH level), Calcium, Folate, Magnesium, Potassium, B12 and more which all help fight inflammation, bacteria infections, urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, diarrhea, and digestive issues.

I tried the below two products – COCONUT WATER KEFIR and IMMUNE TURMERIC & LEMON WATER KEFIR. 

The coconut water kefir is honestly not for the feint hearted, it does take some time getting used to if you have not tried any kefir before but the benefits are so good I’m sure you will drink it, that’s if you want beautiful health inside and out? 🙂

The Immune turmeric & lemon water kefir was the first drink I reached for in the morning, by the way all kefir drinks are great to consume on an empty stomach. With the added bonus of one of my favorite herbs, turmeric (active compound curcumin) a very strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory along with lemon water to really help detox your system, aid digestion, improve your immune system and help your body balance its PH level even more! the whole package in one bottle!


Take a look at Green Vitamins website, they have their products in several stores around town as well as online. http://greenvitamin.hk



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  1. autistic entanglement says:

    Reblogged this on realisticyogi.


  2. Jasik says:

    They are healthy and delicious


  3. Lori Harrison says:

    Where can I find that kefir; I am in California. Is there a catalog or website as I have never seen them here.


    1. Yes the website link is at the end of my post. You can order online. I’m not sure they would deliver all the over there as its needs to be refrigerated at all times. I’m sure they have something similar where you are? 🙂


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