Organic Coconut Aminos Review feat. Coconut Matter 

Heyyy Friends,

Yet there is another coconut out there who is as passionate about health and nutritional products too. How Exciting right?!

The story:

As I cannot eat any generic soy sauces (as they contains wheat/gluten) I have had to be quite careful about where and what I eat. Most savory snacks and foods here in Asia do contain normal soy sauce.

After finding this out several years back, I started using Tamari Sauce  and Bragg’s liquid Aminos….but then learned they contained quite a lot of soy, high amounts of sugar, sodium and sometimes even contained MSG! I wasn’t going to give up adding taste into my food so I started using coconut aminos. 

As much as I researched and used coconut aminos I could not find any cons! so for the past 2-3 years I have stuck to it and have been using as my ‘soy sauce’ replacement. Luckily I have been introduced to a local company which carries lots of natural / healthy and organic coconut products – Coconut Matter.

So what is Coconut Aminos?

  • It is made from raw coconut tree sap which is very nutrient rich
  • Very natural products are added for flavouring (see below descritpion)
  • It contains 17 of the amino acids (almost all of them!)
  • High in vitamin B & C and various minerals (potassium, magnesium)
  • Has a near neutral PH level
  • It is completely Gluten & Soy free, MSG free & GMO free
  • It has 30% – 60% less sodium than regular soy sauce
  • It is  great for those who follow the FODMAP / Low GI / Paleo / Healthy eating plans
  • It is completely unprocessed, no chemicals or preservatives

What does it taste like then?

  • Luckily enough now there are so many different flavours of Coconut Aminos that we can all enjoy. Overall the tastes are quite dark and rich, slightly salty with a faint sweet aftertaste.

What other benefits are there?

  • Balanced PH level will help with digestive health
  • Amino Acids help with overall body function such as heart health / muscle recovery / immune strength
  • Contains only natural sugars and low sodium to help with mood stabilization / kidney health / high blood pressure / high blood sugar
  • As it is a very natural and organic product, you can consume it without any caution and trust me there is no shortage of flavour.
  • You can use it for salads, stir-fries, marinades, roasts, dipping sauces, extra flavouring for soups / stews. I also like to add a few drops into my vegan cashew cream sauce instead of adding salt.

What did I pair Coconut Aminos with this week:

I decided to jump straight in to using  Niulife’s Organic Coconut Aminos Barbecue Sauce, Its made from naturally aged coconut nectar, Garlic and sun dried mineral-rich sea salt.

I made a stir fry of organic lean gammon, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Mushrooms and Brown Rice. (Yes I used Brussel sprouts…maybe a bit too excited for christmas!)

Who doesn’t like a teriyaki sauce! Here in Asia its quite popular but restaurants do use the ‘normal’ sauce. I decided however to make my own beef Teriyaki using Niulife’s Organic Coconut Aminos Teriyaki Sauce, it’s made from freshly harvested coconut blossom nectar, garlic, onion, cayenne pepper and sundried mineral-rich sea salt.

I marinated my organic thin sliced beef for about an hour with the sauce and a spoon of water, then added it into a pan and simmered it with lots of vegetables, I ate it on a bed of steamed buckwheat.


The Third one I used was Niulife’s Organic Coconut Aminos non- soy sauce, it’s made from freshly harvested coconut blossom nectar, aged coconut vinegar, coconut sugar, bird’s eye chill garlic and sun dried mineral-rich sea salt.

This sauce in particular can be paired with just about everything I found (I also love it with grilled fish). I mixed the coconut aminos with sliced sweet potatoes and baked them along with some black and white sesame seeds.

Please check out Coconut Matter’s website for lots more information on the above and more products and where to find them, at:

That’s all friends 

Coconutandwhat 🌴🌰🌴


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  1. Love these products! Although I haven’t seen the Teriyaki one before so I will be looking for that!

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