Pure Black Bean Pasta 

I found this gluten free, grain free, vegan pasta on the market and decided to make it into a delicious and healthy recipe. The pasta is only made from TWO natural ingredients, black beans and water! It’s very high in protien and can be made into a speedy dinner and even for leftovers for lunch.

I decided to pair it with a fresh tomato base along with lots of fresh veggies which are nice and alkalising for the stomach versus the acidic tomato base. If you want you can also add any sort of grassfed / organic meat / seafood  as to your preference. Let’s get started.

Ready in: 15 minutes 



  • Black bean pasta 


  • Fresh tomatoes / canned 
  • Diced garlic 
  • Red & yellow peppers 
  • Diced white Cabbage 
  • Olive oil 
  • Sea Salt, pepper, basil 
  • Nutritional yeast, dry white wine (optional) 


  • Boil the dry pasta in boiling water for 8-10 minutes
  • The pasta will be quite aldente.
  • For the sauce, sautée the diced garlic, with all the vegetables, until they are cooked down and browned.
  • Add in your tomatoes and salt here; optionally add in a splash of cheeky dry white wine 🙂 let it simmer in its juices for a couples of minutes, taste: if a little bitter then add a pinch of coconut sugar
  • Serve on top of your pasta and enjoy with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast



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