Refreshing Coconut Water Jelly (Vegan) 

I came about this recipe as the weather is just so hot and humid here in Asia! I came up with this very clean recipe which is hydrating, electrolyte balancing and fantastic for your gut!  It doesn’t contain any gelatin meaning it’s also vegan-friendly.

They are also great for kids to eat as they are all natural yet satisfy the sweet tooth.  Prep time should be straight forward as long as you are confident enough to crack open that coconut!

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 5 minutes

Set time: 4 hours


Filled 6 small cupcake sized moulds & two small coconuts

  • Coconut water (3 small coconuts)
  • Coconut meat (Flesh of 3 coconuts)
  • Nata de coco (One small can)
  • Agar Agar (Handful of flakes)
  • Paleo sugar (2tsbp) (optional)

So what is this agar agar you ask? Well it’s a vegan substitute for gelatin it’s made from natural algae / seaweed. It has no calories, no sugar, no fat yet it has beneficial fibre. You may have come across it in my previous recipes, here it pops up again.


  • Carefully crack open the coconuts with the edge of a butcher’s knife and strain the liquid into a saucepan through a sieve
  • Scoop out the coconut meat and finely slice into any shape desired
  • Nata de coco is fermented coconut water, I buy them canned and strain the liquid before use, nice and crunchy to add
  • Place the agar agar strips or flakes into the saucepan, stir until fully dissolved, add in the sugar here if desired
  • Pour the mixture until 3/4 full into your moulds along with the coconuts too
  • Add in the nata de coco and coconut meat into the moulds
  • Transfer to the fridge and let it set for 4 hours




One Comment Add yours

  1. Jasik says:

    How cool Love it I would make it without the paleo sugar!


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