UPDATE + Clean power powder (protein shake + vitamin alternative)

Hi there!

It may seem like a while since you have heard from me but I am posting on my Instagram and facebook page daily so head over there for updates, handles= @coconutandwhat. You can also check out the four health shows I was a part of – with hundreds of vendors all gathered together, lots of new brands, information and talks (linked on the profile).

Hopefully, you are or have enjoyed your summer holiday! I went to an amazing Detox Bootcamp Retreat in Thailand with Olympic Trainers, massages and clean food! Now, over in the UK I’m somewhat trying to keep it up, eating clean, doing lots of exercise and maybe having a glass of prosecco or two! yes I am on holiday (well still trying to get into holiday mode here!…..still can’t seem to find the beach or the sun!

Anyway, as I’m travelling, I have already mindfully packed (so I’m never left lost or stuck when it comes to finding something good to consume which happens more often than not. Below is a quick all round recipe I take with me when travelling.

Linked is my article about travelling and eating. https://coconutandwhat.com/2016/07/12/how-to-eat-well-whilst-traveling-abroad/

Instead of using any refined powers I tend to make my own powder so my digestion can take a little break, just how I do a short detox every month it benefits the whole body. I use the power powder in a shaker with water or plant milk yet for beginners it may be best to make it into a smoothie. It’s free of any sugars, flours, animal hormones, fillers or preservatives. There are only a few powders on the market that are really clean, so if you can’t find one make it yourself. If you need to add protein powder then look for really clean hormone and sugar-free, raw food, live enzyme plant based option.

I make sure to focus my recipe on gut healing, energy and immune boosting, hormone balancing and for it to be anti-inflammatory.

  • – L-glutamine
  • – Probiotic + prebiotic
  • – Digestive enzyme
  • – Açaí
  • – Guárana
  • – Turmeric
  • – Cinnamon + Nutmeg
  • – Maca
  • – Flaxseed
  • – Spirulina/sprouted greens
  • – Chia seeds
  • – Beetroot powder
  • – Black pepper (only to activate the turmeric)


  • Other options are to add pure cacao powder or nut powder (pb8) or matcha powder (caffeine) if you don’t like the taste of greens or herbs to much.

Simply purchase the powders in bulk (all natural/freeze dried/organic)  grind down if needed. In a large bowl put equal parts of the ingredients more or less if you need too. Store in the fridge to keep the probiotics alive. 

Please make sure that you don’t take any herbs if you don’t need them or if they interact with any medication you are taking. I take this mixture because it’s what my body needs and it’s not easy to find the correct nutrition when travelling or eating out. Make one for you that suits your body well and you will you see the benefits!
Any questions feel free to message me.



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  1. JBS Yadawa says:

    I like your list and totally agree about the anti-inflammatory nature of several things you have listed here (specifically turmeric). A while ago, I had made a meal out of nothing but Flax seeds, Chia Seeds and hemp hearts. My only problem is with Flaxseed as it makes the entire thing very slimy. Not sure if you also found the mixture slimy. Thx.


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