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Francesca is a British national, born and raised in Hong Kong. She has always had a fascination to learn about natural culture/food/beauty. After being diagnosed (many years ago) with various illnesses, she took it on herself to become her own doctor to finally manage her conditions. She hopes that with her years of research, travel and study, she has now built up enough knowledge to help and inspire others using an all natural lifestyle. 


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  1. The easiest way is to go to the website via computer then the bottom right hand corner a +follow sign should click up. Try that 🙂 or access my main page by mobile and the +follow sign will pop up


  2. https://seasaltnlemon.wordpress.com/2015/06/12/sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award/ I’ve nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award and hope to see your answers to these questions! Sorry if you’ve already been nominated 🙂


    1. Hey coconutandwhat, I’m rather new myself so I just linked to the other author’s pages by highlighting and using the RSS link button when typing up the post. As far as tagging other bloggers, I just went straight to each person’s “about me” or “contact” page and left a comment with a link letting them know that I nominated them for the award.
      I’m sure that other blogging programs have link back notifications just like wordpress does, but that’s me assuming. I would just assume that using the same method of providing a comment or email straight to the blogger to notify them of your nomination and including a link to their blog in your own post would be sufficient.
      Can’t wait to see your post! 🙂


  3. trudi_bruges says:

    Hey, thanks for stopping at my blog. Glad to have discovered yours!
    Greets from belgium x

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  4. You liked my blog and I zoomed straight over to see yours. Instead of the usual commercial site of not very much interest I find a beautifully designed page (can I have lessons) with novel recipes and lovely photos. My attitude to food is a bit different from yours but we have a lot in common – most importantly respect for our bodies, for our food and for its provenance. Lovely to meet you!


    1. So nice to hear, lovely to meet you too! 🙂

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